Writing Prompts

In case you want to share a story, but don’t quite know how to begin, here are some prompts to get your creative juices flowing!

Which Department of Defense schools did you attend? Give a brief-1-3 sentence memory from each.


Which DoD teacher influenced you the most, and why?


If you attend “Brat” or DODDS reunions, why do you do so?


What Host Nation holidays and celebrations did your DoD school celebrate?


What made your overseas schooling experience differ from your stateside experiences?


While attending DoD schools, did you participate in cultural exchanges with the Host Nation schools? What was the experience like? What is one thing you remember most?

Describe your first day at a new school. Did you know anyone? How did you feel? Who made the first friendly gesture?

Who was your high school graduation speaker? Do you remember his/her message?


One Comment on “Writing Prompts”

  1. […] the Museum of the American Military Family’s list of writing prompts for military brats has sent me scuttling to the dusty filing cabinets in my mind to share with you […]

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