University of Maryland, Munich Campus

We are looking for stories about your experiences at the University of Maryland, Munich Campus. Please help us document the stories of this very magical campus!  Stories can be submitted to:



3 Comments on “University of Maryland, Munich Campus”

  1. Good to find this page! I attempted to join the University of Maryland Munich Campus group on Facebook and they wouldn’t let me in. They didn’t believe that I went to this school and I was even called a ‘fraud’! Even after I told her about taking Dr. Thaler’s classes and about drinking at “The Boot”, etc. Oh well, too bad!

  2. Madeleine McMichael Perkins says:

    Oh gosh, so many memories. I attended for two years 1965-1967 and kept up with friends who were there when I was. Bobby, the Blau Zimmer owner, I will never forget because she called me Twiggy because I was so thin. Stephanie Stenberg Jones and Linda Bailey and I were immediate friends and managed to pass our courses while having several beers pretty much every night. Anybody else out there from our years?

  3. Lisa Isenestead says:

    Lots of memories for sure. I too attended for two years 1959-1961 and kept up for a while with friends at the University of Maryland, College Park. I bumped into one Munich friend in the 8th Street Book Store shortly after I had moved to NYC. Turned out we lived four blocks away from one another. We reminisced about Munich and our drinking days at Die Frau, across the street from Stadelheim. We remained fast friends. His death was a profound loss. Those shared Munich experiences of almost six decades ago remain unique. In a recent trip to Munich, I took the number 7 streetcar out to where the U of MD had been. The echoes of the past sounded all around me and I spent a long while slowly meandering to let them soak in. What an extraordinary time that was.

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