Former DoDEA Administrator and Honorary Green Beret Doris C. Baker celebrates 103rd Birthday

On September 25, 2020 Former DoDEA Administrator and Honorary Green Beret Doris C. Baker will celebrate her 103rd Birthday.

The Museum of the American Military Family & Learning Center joins DoDEA and many other organizations in wishing Ms. Baker a wonderful birthday.

Photo from 2014 ceremony

In 2014, 97-year-old Doris Baker was inducted as an Honorary Member of the Special Forces Regiment, recognizing her 20 years of service with the 1/10th Special Forces Group (Green Berets). At the time, Miss Baker joined the ranks of a select category — one of only nine other distinguished individuals worldwide, and one of only three women to ever receive this elite membership. In 2020, there are 14 honorary members (including Ms. Baker) listed on the US Army Special Forces Regiment website. Honorary membership in the Special Forces Regiment is rarely awarded, and is given only to select civilians who have contributed to the welfare, advanced the interests, and served as role models for the regiment.

Ms. Baker was a Department of Defense (DOD) civilian employee whose dedication to her students, fellow educators, the Bad Toelz soldiers and their families was outstanding. Ms. Baker began her overseas teaching career in Germany where, from 1950 to 1979, she served the DoD with great distinction as a teacher and principal of the U.S. Army Elementary and Junior High Schools in Flint Kaserne, Bad Toelz, Germany, the first overseas assignment base for the 1/10th Special Forces Group Airborne (Green Berets).

Her outreach, mentorship, counseling and friendship to students, parents, the command, and the entire Army community benefitted thousands who passed through the gates of Flint Kaserne. For more than 30 years, Doris adopted the Green Berets as her own, calling them “her lads.”

Ms. Baker authored  “The Originals” — the first book about the Green Berets written by a woman — which chronicles an American woman caught in the dangerous lives and fortunes of these extraordinary men. Her extensive travels and freelance photography assignments after World War II were blended into her book, “I’ll Let You Know When We Get There.” 

Miss Baker’s legacy of service and adventure inspires all who have been touched by her and her work, and continues to live on through the lives of her students, colleagues and friends — who she continues to influence around the world.

Her long-time friend, H.C. “Woody” Woodward says,“Birthday cards and messages from each of you will mean so much to this outstanding woman that supported A/10th SFG at Flint Kaserne in Bad Toelz, Germany from 1953-1980”.

If you would like to wish Ms. Baker a happy birthday, her current mailing address is:

Ms. Doris C. Baker

1217 Alliance Drive,

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454


One Comment on “Former DoDEA Administrator and Honorary Green Beret Doris C. Baker celebrates 103rd Birthday”

  1. Allen Dale Olson says:

    She was an exemplary principal, a credit not only to the school system and the army but also to her adopted German town of Bad Toelz.

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