ROCHEFORT AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL-Long Friendships Despite a Short Existence

By Miriam Ramirez

 Dept of Defense American High Schools Abroad for Military Dependents

Many US Military Dependents had the opportunity to live in foreign countries with their families and are often referred to as “overseas brats”.  Many fellow Brats have blogged about their experiences overseas and in the U.S., in various web sites, such as Military Brats Online as well as Military Brat Life.
For young people, being able to experience life and culture in different countries gives them a perspective on the world and insight into other cultures. Many of these “Brats” had world events experiences, especially where they lived as a youngster. As the mission of the military changes, bases and posts throughout the world open and close and schools and communities become memories.


Rochefort American High School – Gaby Bryant in photo.


1953 – 1958
Rochefort American High School was one of the many schools opened in France during the 50’s to educate military dependents. It was located in the small coastal town of Rochefort Sur Mer, France which had an important Naval port. Today, the site where our school was, has become the MARINE MUSEUM.
Rochefort has an active Alumni Association and a database of over 250 former students. The Alumni Association frequently celebrates large and mini reunions and has traveled to Rochefort Sur Mer in France, to visit the city where the school was established.

We continue to search for the other approximately 300 alumni who attended Rochefort during its short existence from 1953-58.

If you are one of us, please let us know:


Miriam Ramirez ’58

Lance Burris ’57, president or



Joe Condrill has an organization called Overseas Brats, which hosts regional gatherings throughout the U.S., and publishes a newsletter with news about alumni groups.
The following site has yearbooks from almost all Overseas Military Schools from those years:

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