Memorial Honoring Military Families Coming to Santa Fe

The Museum of the American Military Family & Learning Center (MAMF) in Tijeras and the New Mexico National Guard Museum in Santa Fe are partnering together to create a unique memorial dedicated to America’s military families.

Construction began on the memorial on November 10 on the National Guard Museum grounds and will continue over the next few months.

Conceived by MAMF Director Dr. Circe Olson Woessner, the memorial consists of a small 8 x 10 house with five display windows, each showing an aspect of the military family—parents and grandparents, spouses and partners, children, active duty and veterans.  Visitors will be able to see artifacts and photos representing all eras and branches of military families through the windows.

“People from across the country have sent us artifacts and photographs over the past year for this memorial,” Woessner says, “I don’t know of any other memorial like this—it’s in the shape of a house –honoring the countless men, women and children who ‘kept, and continue to keep, the home fires burning’ while their loved ones are away in service to their country. There’s no better tribute than honoring heart and home and families.

“MAMF Museum board members and dedicated volunteers have created this wonderful tribute through grassroots efforts of fundraising, individual donations and a small grant from the Kerr Foundation. We still need about $3,000 to complete the project, so donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. All contributors will be acknowledged on the memorial signage”

The Museum of the American Military Family & Learning Center (MAMF) and the New Mexico National Guard Museum are proud to honor America’s Hometown Heroes by collaborating on this project.

For more information about the memorial, please email or call: (505) 504-6830.

mamf-military-family-memorialMail to:

Museum of the American Military Family

Attn.: Memorial Fund

PO Box 5085

Albuquerque, NM 87185

Some Memorabilia From Munich Campus

Military Brat Christmas Song Download

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University of Maryland, Munich Activities, 1953-54

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A Tribute to Veterans And Teachers

by William Hardy

My father joined the Navy prior to WWII. When he was finally discharged after the end of the war, he had 6 years in the Navy. He went home and he and his buddy got weary of their small West Tennessee town. They decided to join the Army. So back in they went. They were soon separated but my father ended up station with the Army Air Force in Japan. One day he was Army and the next day he was in the Air Force. He spent another 18 years in the Air Force.

I went in the Marines 3 years after my father retired and went to Vietnam. I served 11 and half years with the Marines and decided to get out. After college and getting a job, I enlisted in the Army National Guard and served another 10 years and retired. After 9/11 I eventually reenlisted after a 12 year break and returned to the active Guard at 54. I finally worked my way into a unit heading for Iraq and did a year tour in 2006-2007. After returning, I retired for good in 2008 at age 59. Both of my sons recently retired from the Army National Guard and both had many years of active service in the Army. My oldest served two tours in the Middle East and my youngest was in Desert Storm and one tour in the Middle East. My oldest grandson did a tour in the Middle East as well.

This morning I had the pleasure and honor of being the guest speaker at the Middle School where I spent my teaching career. I retired in 2011, but worked part time in a tutoring program at the elementary school. The students present today were in the last group of kids I had the honor of teaching. The speech went well and afterwards teacher in charged asked for all the teachers who had me as their teacher to stand up. Most of the faculty rose. Then she asked for all the teachers who had worked with me to stand. Several more joined in. Then she asked the audience to stand if they were in my class in the Middle or High School..most of them stood. My eyes were about to start leaking. It was a great day!

A Buck A Brat Dandelion Challenge


Who Put the Ho in Hohenfels?

Kim Medders

At the end of the school year in 1962, dad was offered a position as a Teacher\Principal in Hohenfels. Uncle Roy was being transferred to Nuremberg as a assistant superintendent, and knew of the job and offered it to dad. Roy was beginning to groom dad for administration. It meant a little more money, but mom would not be able to teach due to nepotism rules. We were excited to make another move. Before we moved from Karlsruhe, however, we went on our first re-employment leave.

Re-employment leave was our big holiday. Every two years the government would send us back to the United States for about two months to see relatives and handle any personal business. We kind of established our pattern of visitation on this leave. Our first stop was Los Angeles where we would stay with Grandpa Buchanan or Aunt Nancy and Uncle Ed. The folks would try to get us to do as many fun things as we could , such as Disneyland, Knots Berry Farm, Universal Studios and Olvera Street. After wearing out our welcome in the south, we headed north and stayed with Grandma Medders, Auntie Joy and Uncle Logan, and later with Uncle Joe and Aunt Mary. There were fewer things to do in San Jose, but we still had a ball, especially when Auntie Joy got a house with a swimming pool! Read the rest of this entry »